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Pivnica Španski dvori 10% off on food

Pivnica Španski dvori

Address & contact details

Kaljska 14 10 000 Zagreb website

Pub with a variety of local food

Own terrace,food delivery and possibility of renting limousines. Pivnica Španski dvori is a nightlife hotspot in Zagreb. This pub has a variety of local food, private terrace and the option to rent limousines. Plus, we deliver food. Present your ISIC card for 15% off food at this fun restaurant and bar/ for a 10 HRK ISIC Coffee (coffee and juice) at this fun restaurant and bar/30 HRK for ISIC Menu (0.5 litre beer, sausage, homemade brandy) at this fun restaurant and bar.

To get this benefit take your card with you when you go to this benefit and be sure to show your card before you make a payment to receive your benefit

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