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The Higher Education Landscape In India

India is a country of diversity, from ethnicity to people and more. India is a growing country in terms of

Career and Personal Benefits of Studying Abroad

Wonders happen when you break away from the fetters of your comfort zone, and are ready to take an intellig

How International Internships Give You The Edge?

Technology has brought the world closer and also broadened our horizons. Now we don’t think twice to hop on an airplane and explore the international destinations, which earlier was something that needed a lot of thinking and reasoning.

Student Deals On Airfare

After a long semester of study, exams, and projects, every student wishes to spend some time to relax and unwind. And when it comes to unwinding, what is better than traveling? But travel can be little over the budget when you’re a student strapp

7 Surprising Benefits Of Being Multilingual!

As evident from the term itself, ‘multilingual’ means using two or more languages. However, it’s pretty clear, that when you learn new language (foreign language), there are obvious benefits of it, and one of the practical benefits is

Reasons Why Every Student Should Study Abroad?

Higher education experts across the world believe that international education has numerous rewarding benefits, other than being a value addition to your curriculum-vitae.

Where can I get the best student deals on airfares?

Taking a break from the conundrums of daily life, unplugging from the stresses of study and work, and engaging in fun activities at a new destination, yes this is exactly what traveling is all about.

Scared of Job Interviews? Here’s How to Nail Them Like a Pro

Did your awesome resume just get you invited to a job interview? Cool! But don’t be too quick to think that everything is already won.

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There are always generational differences. Gen Z and the Millennials are no different in this respect.

Ace Your Exams and Master the Art of Studying Like a Top Student!

Hey there, welcome to the exciting world of college! We know that the introduction to a new curriculum can feel overwhelming

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