7 Surprising Benefits Of Being Multilingual!

7 Surprising Benefits Of Being Multilingual!

As evident from the term itself, ‘multilingual’ means using two or more languages. However, it’s pretty clear, that when you learn new language (foreign language), there are obvious benefits of it, and one of the practical benefits is that you open up new career opportunities for yourself. Isn’t that great?!

Speaking two or more languages makes you more competitive in this globalized world. In addition to this advantage, there are studies that have proved that multilingualism is benefiting to a broader perspective. Here’s how- (source)

  • Many recent studies have etched that multilingualism is associated with a range of cognitive and even neurological advantages.
  • These studies further evidence that multilingual children score an edge over others in terms of mental ability, creativity and analysis, later on in their lives.
  • Some recent studies have even proclaimed that, advanced neuro-cognitive flexibility of multilinguals make them less prone to develop mental disorders, such as dementia, Alzheimer and related conditions. And even if they do develop mental disorders, they develop them at a later age and suffer less severely than the monolinguals.

In light of the above statistics let us move ahead to understand the top benefits of multilingualism…

You become more creative

A creative mind can work wonders for you, not only on the career front but also personally. Being creative is the need of the hour, the more creative you get, the more chances you have to make it big in life. Being multilingual makes you more creative than you already are. When you learn languages you get access to a variety, and this helps you develop a wider perspective on many things. You can research on the best languages to learn and then enroll in foreign language courses, to get more creative and innovative in different aspects of life.

You diversify your job prospects

One of the most rewarding benefits of learning languages is that you open up new doors for your career. A resume or a CV that shows that you know a few foreign languages, catches the eye of any prospective employer. The employer gets an impression that you have a sharp and cognitive mind and also are an effective communicator.

Your cognitive power increases

When you learn a new language, it stimulates to brain to think more. Giving your brain something new to work on is just like an exercise for it. Just like you exercise to make your body fitter and healthier, in the same manner using your brain more, aids in mental development. When you learn new languages, you use different pronunciations, writing styles and accents, which is like food for your brain! Your memory, retention capacity, and thinking capability improves when blood flow to the areas of brain that deal with speech, vision and hearing improves.

You become more tolerant and start to appreciate more cultures

While it may sound surprising to you, but multilingualism can make you more tolerant. Even though a language is a means of communication but different languages also teach you a lot about different cultures. You get a wider cultural experience and this in turn helps you develop an open mind and a global mindset.

You boost your confidence

Well this one’s an obvious one! When you know more languages you ought to become more open-minded and presentable. Your self-esteem and confidence gets a boost and you can reach out to a wider group of people. As your confidence improves you also become a better decision-maker.

Your communication skills improve

Good communication skills allow you to effectively connect with others, both personally and professionally. Better communication leads to success, understanding, teamwork, decision-making, respect and problem solving skills. As the world is shrinking, the need for better communication skills is becoming even more pronounced.

You even get health benefits

There are studies to prove it that being multilingual has positive effects on your health. Studies evidence that being multilingual can lower your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease, and other mental problems like dementia.

After reading this, you must have been convinced that you need to learn a new language today. Enroll in one of the foreign language courses today and discover the great benefits of being a multilingual!

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