How International Internships Give You The Edge?

How International Internships Give You The Edge?

Technology has brought the world closer and also broadened our horizons. Now we don’t think twice to hop on an airplane and explore the international destinations, which earlier was something that needed a lot of thinking and reasoning.

In this era of globalization, being competitive is the key to achieving success. And this is the reason why gaining global skills is becoming increasingly important. International internships provide the momentum you need to stay ahead of the curve. International internship programs allow you to expand your knowledge and develop global skills, which is a value-add to your career. Internships abroad are a great way to expand and diversify the career choices that lie ahead of you.

What is an internship program?

Simply put, an internship is job training, like a link between academics and work. Internship is a program that is usually offered by an employer to potential employees. An internship program can either be part time or full time at an office for a certain period of time. Internships provide hands-on work related experience.

Why you should enroll in an international internship program?

The job market is full of many qualified professionals, but the number of vacancies are limited. In such a competitive job market, employers have to look beyond qualification. And this is where having specific skill-sets and expertise, lets you stand out from the rest. Internships abroad equip you with strong interpersonal, communication skills and a global mindset, that are becoming an essential part of the dynamic business world.

As more companies are going international, local employers have started valuing international experience more. There are many internship abroad for Indian students which can provide you with the skills students gain while studying abroad!

Here are the advantages of going on international internships-

• Global work experience
• Travel to a new place
• Cross-cultural skills
• Language proficiency
• Networking

How to find internship abroad for Indian students?

There are many ways to start with your international internship search. But before you begin your search, you need to understand your purpose of internship, know your country of choice and the costs with respect to travel and accommodations. Here’s a quick guide on how you can start your search on internships abroad for Indian students-

• Use an agency to arrange an internship abroad

There are many agencies that arrange internships abroad for Indian students. These agencies act as a connecting link between the interns and the international companies to make the process simple and hassle-free.

• AIESEC (International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences)

AIESEC is the world’s largest non-profit student-run organization that provides international internships and volunteer exchange opportunities across the globe.

• Find an international internship yourself

If you think have the perseverance to do it yourself, then the DIY route can be an option. One thing that you need to keep in mind before you take this option into consideration is that you will need huge time and efforts to hit the bull’s eye!

Companies across the world are on the look out for fresh graduates from a range of technical fields who are fluent in English. Before you apply you need to be sure that you meet the eligibility criteria, otherwise all your efforts will bite the dust. The DIY route requires you to get in touch with the international companies yourself and put yourself as a candidate with great caliber if you are looking to get a great (paid) internship.

Enroll in an international internship program and discover real life experience of working in a particular job profile and also gain the global skills and expertise that is highly sought after by employers.

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