How to speak English fluently

How to speak English fluently

You must have heard about the famous English proverb- “Practice makes a man perfect”, which means that if you want to be perfect at something, you can achieve it through practice. For instance, if you have been reading English books and magazines, but still cannot speak fluently in English, this means you need more practice.

English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. And this is the reason why English skills are in high demand across the world. Being able to speak English lets you communicate effectively, and this opens up lots of possibilities for you in terms of travel, studies and employment.

Reading only magazines and books won’t help, you will need to find better ways to be develop your English language skills. If you have basic knowledge of the language, you can practice English regularly to speak English more fluently.

Here are a few tips that can help you to speak English like a pro!
Think in English

Thinking in your native language and then translating it into English, is the biggest mistake that you may be making till now. Thinking and speaking in two different languages leads to slow and interrupted speech. And if you want to speak English fluently then you will have to do both thinking and speaking, in English. Make it a habit to think in English and do not feel embarrassed if you make mistakes, because you learn from mistakes.

Read more English books and magazines

The more you read the better you get at English language. You can start with reading newspapers, books and magazines and even read online. If you are a student you can even access student discount on books, through which you can get discount on books and magazines. These amazing offers on books let you buy different books and magazines at discounted prices.

Talk to yourself

You may think that reading books and magazines is one of the best ways to improve your command over English. But, unless you develop a fluency in speaking English, it won’t help. Talk to yourself in English! It might seem a silly thing to do at first, but it is indeed one of the best ways to improve your English. Practicing alone is easy, as you won’t feel embarrassed about making mistakes. Besides improving your English language skills, you will also boost your confidence.

Play word games

And you thought learning English is boring? Think again! Make your learning fun with word games like scrabble, hangman, and charades. Word games help in improving your vocabulary, word pronunciations, and also boost your language skills.

Sing along with your favorite singers/songs

Another fun and easy way to learn English is singing along to your favorite English songs. Don’t stress yourself with the lyrics, take help from the internet and sing along.

Watch English movies and soaps

Build your command over English by viewing English TV shows, soaps and movies. And if you have trouble understanding the words, there are subtitles to help you! Speak along and try to match the pronunciations, accent and speed.

Where there is will there is way! There are many ways to learn English, and if you like reading books and magazines, there are student discount on books to help you! Take your time and practice, because self-help is the best help

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