Student Deals On Airfare

Student Deals On Airfare

After a long semester of study, exams, and projects, every student wishes to spend some time to relax and unwind. And when it comes to unwinding, what is better than traveling? But travel can be little over the budget when you’re a student strapped for cash. No need to worry when you take benefit of the student discount on flights and make your travel easily affordable!

Whether you’re traveling for a vacation with friends or heading to visit your family for the holidays, student travel has become really inexpensive, thanks to the cheap flights for students. In fact, many airlines and travel agencies offer special discounted fares to students and youth travelers. And the best part is that you don’t always need to be a student to take advantage of these reduced rates, you can get discounts on air tickets if you have an international travel card. By opting for an international travel card you can enjoy discounts on air fares provided you meet the age requirements.

There are plenty of airlines and websites that offer student discount flights; you simply need to search for them. If you’re still not sure about where to start your search for student discount on flights, then here a list of the websites that can give you a breather and ease your travel even when you’re low on cash-

• STA Travel
STA Travel is a popular travel portal that offers discounted rate student flights if you are a full-time student aged 26 or under. Visit STA Travel website and grab the amazing discounts on student flights.

• Cheap Air
CheapOAir is another leading online travel agency that offers discounts to students who study abroad and people who work abroad, between the ages of 16 to 25.

• Student Universe
Student Universe provides discounted airfares to students at degree-granting colleges worldwide. While most deals apply to students, some deals can be booked even if you are not a student, only you should be aged 18 to 25. To book student flights, you may need to verify your student status occasionally by providing a class schedule, copy of a student ID card or other documents.

• ISIC Travel Card
ISIC or International Student Identity Card is another easy way to enjoy great discounts on airfare. ISIC provides three types of cards- ISIC (for students), ITIC (for teachers) and IYTC (for youth below ages 30 years and under). These cards can be bought online or through ISIC partner retailers and can be used to get discounts on travel, food, entertainment and more, 150,000+ benefits worldwide.

Traveling is an essential part of the college life, but it doesn’t mean that you need to break your back to earn your travel, you just need to travel smart with student discount on flights and make your travel pocket-friendly!

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