Student Travel Insurance Myths To Be Debunked

Student Travel Insurance Myths To Be Debunked

When you are on a trip you can be exposed to many risks which can land you in trouble. When planning a holiday or a trip, you would make every effort to ensure your trip is smooth and hassle-free, so why not buy travel insurance? Buying travel insurance every time you travel is more than just necessary! Travel insurance is the safety net that protects you from the financial repercussions of the risks that you can be exposed to while on trip.

If you are a student planning to pursue your study overseas, then you must never step out of your country without student travel insurance. But you must take your time when you buy student travel insurance as you can end up in a costly trap! Being unaware of the terms and conditions of travel insurance for students can apparently get your travel insurance claim gets rejected.

To help you get a clear perception about student travel insurance and make your study travel and stay, hassle-free, here are the top 5 travel insurance myths that you should debunk right now!

Myth#1- Travel insurance is of no use

Fact- Student travel insurance safeguards you against numerous risks, including flight delays, loss of baggage/passport/documents, personal liability, medical expenses, study interruptions, and other mishaps. When travel insurance offers you so many benefits, then why not buy a travel insurance policy to make your study abroad convenient and tension-free!

Myth#2- Health insurance is enough

Fact- Travel insurance for students provides you cover against many risks than just medical care. Whereas, most health insurance policies do not pay for the international medical expenses, and even if they cover international medical care, the coverage is restricted to certain countries and regions.

Myth#3- I can make a claim even for my negligence

Fact- If you make a claim for any mishap that happened due to your negligence then you will not be covered for it. For instance, if you leave your luggage unattended, and if it gets stolen then your travel insurance provider will not cover you.

Myth#4- Student travel insurance will protect me on an adventure trip

Fact- Adventure sports, such as parachuting, para-sailing, bungee jumping, jet skiing, etc., are generally not covered under travel insurance. But then if you are planning to go on an adventure trip, you should contact your insurance provider about the coverage that you are entitled to receive while on the trip.

Myth#5- I am covered with my travel insurance even if I am traveling to a place where travel warnings have been issued.

Fact- Travel insurance for students will not cover you when you visit a place where travel warnings have been issued. Always check travel warnings to ensure that your travel is safe and secure.

These travel insurance fictions and facts will help you make an informed decision when you buy travel insurance. But, whenever you buy travel insurance, do not forget to read the policy document in detail.

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