Travelling Abroad for Studies? How Prepared Are You for Sudden Expenses or Emergency Funds?

Travelling Abroad for Studies? How Prepared Are You for Sudden Expenses or Emergency Funds?

College life is an adventurous experience for students with a range of new activities, exotic places to explore and new friendships to forge. You follow the path that leads to your dream career and expand your horizons – making discoveries on the way. Amidst the excitement, you may forget one of the less discussed aspects of your new life - sudden expenses or emergency funds.


It is tough for the young and restless to expect, much less prepare for emergencies or sudden need for funds, which can happen when they least expect it. 


These situations can be more challenging for college students who are still on the path of becoming financially independent and are surviving on limited pocket money and strict budgets. Whether it's a sudden medical expense, unexpected education-related expense, or urgent travel needs – the need for immediate funds can disrupt their life.


An inconvenience can transform into a crisis within no time if there is a lack of emergency funds.


As a student, you enter into a fast-paced world packed with various activities. From attending lectures, and managing social life to finding the right career path, there is hardly any time left to manage your finances. You may also struggle to find the time to earn extra cash with your busy timetable. This is all the more reason to enhance your financial literacy and improve your money management skills. It's always better to handle your finances smartly, which can pave the path to a more secure financial future.

Personal financial management includes strategic planning of both spending and saving within your resources. It also includes budgeting, creating an emergency fund, and making the best use of student benefit cards. You need to smartly use permutations and combinations of multiple available options that can help you live more in less. 

One such option, you can look into is the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) for both your regular and last-minute expenses. This multi-purpose card can help you save money on food, travel, and living expenses. It is also a great source of emergency funds.


This multi-purpose card helps you to unlock a treasure trove of discounts and offers and can be used worldwide. 


As the saying goes, “A penny saved is a penny earned”. With your student card, every penny saved equips you better to face any unplanned expense or emergency funds requirement. 


Here are the various situations where ISIC can be your reliable source of funds:


  1. Unexpected Medical Emergency: Health is wealth, and we know how crucial it is to ensure you have easy access to the best facility. ISIC can help with 10% off on medicine, 5% off on FMCG products, and 15% off on Apollo private label products. 
  2. Last-minute Travel plans: Use your card whenever you need it, whether it's a family emergency that requires you to travel, a last-minute academic opportunity abroad, or simply an unplanned trip with friends. ISIC offers exclusive travel benefits on where you can get 4% cashback and up to 15% off. You can also get special student discounts and incredible offers on international airlines like Emirates and Myanmar Airways International.  
  3. College payments: We understand that education is your top priority. ISIC connects you with educational resources, online courses, and the best academic tools. From getting a free license of JetBrains, 35% off on Codecademy Pro, one year of educational access to Autodesk products to 60% off on Adobe Creative Cloud the list goes on and on. When unexpected academic expenses arise, you can rely on your card to help you stay within your budget. 
  4. Last-Minute Gadget Grabs: Has your mobile stopped working or does your laptop need urgent and expensive repair? ISIC has partnerships with top electronics brands like Samsung and Apple for special student-only discounts. Get 10% off on a huge range of Apple products or unlock exclusive discounts on Samsung gadgets, with free insurance and no-cost EMI.
  5. Food Discounts: Worried about the expenses of last-minute party plan or playing host at an upmarket café? Get irresistible offers  At top eateries around the world with your international student card.


ISIC is your safety net that helps you save while spending. Get 1,50,000+ discounts and offers and a reliable safety net for emergency needs.


ISIC - Making students’ lives free of worries and giving them financial independence, worldwide!
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