Where can I get the best student deals on airfares?

Where can I get the best student deals on airfares?

Taking a break from the conundrums of daily life, unplugging from the stresses of study and work, and engaging in fun activities at a new destination, yes this is exactly what traveling is all about. Whether you choose to travel every weekend or every month or year, you must take time out of your busy life to explore this beautiful planet. Travel experiences make you an incredibly better-rounded human being.

When you are young, studying at college or just started working, and having fewer responsibilities on your shoulders, traveling to places makes even more sense. As a student, you would want to utilise all the time that you get in between your semesters, to see and experience more of the world through student travel trips. You can take benefit of the student travel cards that offer discounts on travel, in terms of airfare, hotel, food, entertainment and more.

But travel needs to be smooth and hassle-free, just like a smooth landing and take-off! To make your student travel more convenient and smooth as ice, here is a list of technology hacks.

• Travel and accommodation
Booking travel tickets and hotel room are two of the most important parts of a trip. Plan out your travel itinerary yourself, by making reservations using apps like MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Expedia, Kayak, etc. You can make your student travel more affordable by purchasing student travel cards that offer discounts on airfares, hotel booking and more.

• Explore places like the locals do
Exploring new places are both fun and challenging. You can take help from Google Maps and other navigation apps to explore new places without getting lost! Also get information about the must-see places by using Google app or Trip Advisor.

• Local travel
It is quite obvious that you won’t be having your car at your disposal while on a trip. But then you need a vehicle for local transport, download commuting apps like Uber, Ola, etc., to keep your commuting problems at bay!

• Don’t let your smartphone get discharged
Carry a portable power bank with you while you are traveling to ensure that you don’t run out of phone or camera battery.

• Language translation app
When you travel to a place, it is always good to have little knowledge about the local language. And if you don’t have any idea about the local language, worry not, keep a translation app (Google Translate, iTranslate, Bing Translator, etc.) handy.

• Currency conversion
When you are on a trip abroad, it can be that you will be visiting different countries. When you visit different countries, you will be dealing with multiple currencies, and for times like these a currency convertor app makes it easier to manage your travel finances.

• Weather updates
You must have to be prepared in advance about the weather of the place you are traveling to, and to do so you can install a weather app on your smartphone.
With these technology travel hacks you can put all your travel qualms to rest and travel with peace of mind!

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