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The ISIC Card – More Power to the Students!

64 years. 125+ countries. 1000+ Universities. 1,50,000 + Outlet. 100+ million students have held the ISIC since its inception.

Student life is about experiencing the world, acquiring knowledge and making unforgettable memories. It is about living life king-size; it is about treating the world as your canvas and your student identity as the brush to create strokes of a unique and memorable student life.

The ISIC card, the only globally recognized and UNESCO endorsed student identity card, gives you the power to do just that. It empowers you with the best choices from around the world to enrich your life as a student.

Having served more than 100 million students since its inception, this card is unlike any other in the market with its roots steeped in rich history and offers the widest network of partners around the world.

The wide partner network at ISIC is unique; we have thought of every aspect of student life and selected partners who enrich it. Whether it is affordable travel, safe student accommodation, opportunity to learn a language, access to support for education, scholarships, great deals at cafes and restaurants, discounts on educational products and many more, the ISIC card is a straight ticket to 1,50,000+ student benefits both at home and around the world.

The ISIC card is the power you have earned to make the most of your university life. It is your identity and key to a world of opportunities. Make it work for you!

Get your own International Student Identity Card and make your student life memorable.

World of Benefits from ISIC

The ISIC card is a lot of things bundled into one Even giving you access to get your own prepaid card and forex card. Being a symbol of credible identity,while also offering you great deals, the vision is to be a one-stop solution for students whose identity is global.

With the ISIC Card you can :

  • Benefit from your student status where ever you go
  • Access more than 1,50,000 discount locations in more than 125 countries worldwide
  • Save money every day both at home and abroad
  • Access student services and facilities internationally
  • Access international opportunities and student exchange programs
  • Be eligible to apply for the Global Study Awards Scholarship.


The ISIC card will be valid for 12 months from the month of issuance.


The MRP of ISIC card is INR 999 (delivery charges as applicable).


The individual should be 12 years or above and should be a student at a school/college/university/Institute (valid ID card or bonafide letter required to apply).

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