Purchase ISIC Card

There are several options available to get the ISIC card.

Online ordering

You can get an ISIC card very easily using our online ordering system. All you need is a digital photo (Passport style), a scanned form of ID and a scanned confirmation of study from your school / university. You can pay by credit or debit card. After payment is received, we will send your card to the specified address.


Apply for your ISIC card at your School / University

Does your school issue ISIC Cards to its students?

Please contact your Student Department and inquire for the ISIC card.

Find your nearest card distributor

The fastest option to get the card in your hands is to purchase it directly through one of our authorized distributors, who can issue your card on the spot. It takes only few minutes and you will need a passport photo, proof of identity, confirmation of study from your school or university and a fee of INR 590. To locate your nearest card distributor, use the map below to search (by location search or area click) for more details of our resellers.

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