More Friends More Money – Refer a Friend to Earn INR 150/-

2 easy steps to earn INR 150/- with every referral

  • Promote ISIC/I YTC/ ITIC to your social network
  • Ask your friends to apply for ISIC/ IYTC/ ITIC using your ISIC Card Number as discount code. 

Get INR 150/- each time your ISIC serial number is used as a discount code

Your friend gets 10% discount on card order

You Earn! Your Friend Saves!

Refer a Friend – FAQ

What is ISIC ‘Refer to Earn’ plan?

The ISIC ‘Refer to Earn’ plan lets you invite your friend(s) to apply for an ISIC/ IYTC/ ITIC. You and your friend(s) both get rewarded for the purchase of the card. Your friend will get a discount of 10% on purchase of the card by using your ISIC/ IYTC/ ITIC Card number (14 digit alpha numeric ISIC Card Number on top right of the card) as a discount code.

You will receive INR 150/- in your Paytm Wallet after we have issued your Friend’s card.

When and how will I get the referral money?

You will receive INR 150/- per referral in your Paytm Wallet within 5-7 working days from the issuance of your Friend’s card.

How long will it take for my friend’s card to be issued? 

Your friend’s card will be issued within 2-3 working days of your friend making the payment for the card and submitting the relevant documents.

How many friends can I invite under ‘Refer to earn’ program?  

You may refer unlimited number of friends. ISIC will reward you for every successful purchase through your Card Number.

How can I refer ISIC to my friend? 

Tell your friend how cool ISIC is. Make them apply for ISIC/ IYTC/ ITIC by using your ISIC Card Number as a discount code.

Where can my friend apply for the card?  

Your friend can apply for the card through our ISIC India Website.

Where will my friend use my card Number as the Discount Code?

Your friend will use your card Number in the Discount Code Section while applying for the card.

Refer a Friend