All You Wanted To Know About Student Exchange Programs

It is rightly said that “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”! You might think that you have a lot to explore and experience in life, in your own country, hometown or school. But unless you move out of your comfort zone how will you understand good things about living in another country? Student exchange program is one of the best ways to experience international education without spending a lot of time away from your native place.

Going abroad as an exchange student will not only give you a big leap in your future goals but an exchange program will also be a life-enriching experience. You will improve your language skills, gain independence and develop a global perspective on various worldly matters. Student exchange programs are usually for a school year but definitely they are an opportunity of a lifetime.

What are student exchange programs?

A student exchange program is a study program in which students pursue education at one of the international institutions for six months to one year. An exchange program is different from the usual study abroad programs. It may involve international travel and study for some time, but does not necessarily require the student to remain outside his or her native country.

How student exchange programs work?

To get started with an exchange program, you will need to contact a student exchange agency and look for the programs they offer. The exchange agency helps you in the steps to apply for an exchange program at a school or university and finds a host family for you in your host country. The exchange agency volunteers will work along with you and help you in your transition to the new environment.

Whether you are in school, university or just starting your career, the right exchange program can boost your self-confidence and skill-sets, helping you gain a greater understanding of the complexities of the world around you. There are a many exchange programs for Indian students that can make your intercultural study experience one of the best times of your life.

Cost of student exchange program for Indian students

The cost of international student exchange programs are decided by the student exchange program organisation or school or university, as applicable. The cost of exchange programs for Indian students also varies according to the host country, duration of study and other individual factors. There are programs that may offer international student scholarships to cover expenses related to travel and accommodation, and other needs.

What to do in order to become an exchange student?

To become an exchange student you will need to start with researching about the exchange programs for Indian students in the country you want to visit. During your research you will find many exchange agencies that place students in different countries. Seek help from an agency that is reputed and has a good track record. Check the admission and qualification requirements, and the duration of the program before you consider applying for it. Consider the total cost and also look for international student scholarships to make your study abroad more affordable.

Going on an exchange program is great experience! By being an exchange student you will return back home with new knowledge, cultural compassion, wisdom and friends from new country.

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