Kalna – While booking a ferry ticket in Greece I read that ISIC card holders get 50% discount. I informed the ferry people and I was given discount.

Discount for museums and archeology sites are also available, this we will know once we reach Greece.

It is worth carrying this card.

Aditya Veer Jain – I received discount on my trip to the Colosseum among other places last yeas in Europe. And as it turned out, I was able to come to Toronto, Canada for 6 month studies from Jan-Jun 2017, after my last year’s family trip to Europe. What’s better, is that I am able to receive discounts here as well on the ISIC card given by you. I am highly grateful to you for all of your help.
Aparajeeta Ghosh – I believe that the world is an oyster in terms of opportunities; and just when I decided to inch forward towards the pearl, The Global Study Awards brought me many steps closer to the process of reaching my dreams. In the future, I hope to give the world the gift that this award has given me: smiles.
Sumit Patidhar – Using ISIC was a good experience. Especially when it comes to getting discounts at various merchant outlets and while travelling. It also gives a feel of being a international student along with carrying a id card that makes you being recognized internationally. In Germany, there are lot of offers on ISIC cards whereas the discounts in India need to come at par with the global discounts. I hope the ISIC discounts in India grow exponentially over the upcoming years.